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    Service commitment slogan:
    1 there is a need to be saved, and there is a call to be.
    2 in the shortest time to the fastest speed, to provide the most effective service.
    3 pre competition. Tak
    4 high speed, high efficiency and high sense of responsibility for all customers.
    5 time polish, killing stand environment, thus casting authority.
    6 we will be close to your first line of production, we will use the technology to arm your business
    7 with the standard for you to create a classic
    8 the pursuit of perfect approximation
    9 is not the best, only better
    10 internal audit rotation to do, the system will not be wrong to maintain.
    11 from time to time to seek efficiency and progress, everything is about the method of technology.
    12 breakthrough is a prelude to success, the method is a successful weapon.
    13 quality assurance to be comprehensive, full participation by the concept of
    14 No matter how busy the production, safety is not forgotten, no matter how much the output, quality is not forgotten
    15 see people say hello, a smile, a chair seat, a cup of boiling water to warm the heart, a good word off.
    16 the size of things to do, can do things immediately to do, difficult things to do, all things according to the law
    17 ideological respect for the masses, emotional close to the masses, action on the masses, rely on the masses
    18 service does not work
    19 responsibility tree image service to everyone
    20 update the concept of innovation management and improve the system of smiling service