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    Transformer areas of application:

    CNC, machine tool, grinding machine, milling machine, drilling machine, food machine, packaging machine, lathe, medicine, electronic equipment, power voltage transformation, electric cabinet, automation equipment, storage equipment, medical equipment, inverter, plastic injection molding machine, water purification equipment, filter water machine, equipment whole factory, charging machine, bottle blowing machine, straightening machine, sawing machine, circular saw machine, high frequency, long crystal furnace equipment, laser cutting, machine, laminating machine, bronzing machine, printing machine, electroplating equipment, oil cooler, water-cooled machine, generators, grinding machine, vertical lathe, CNC lathe, voltage regulator, discharge machine, measuring instruments, shoe-making equipment, feeder, rubber machine, A.V.R transformer

    Medical transformer areas of application:

    X-ray taken device, CT device, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) device

    Voltage regulator areas of application:

    Electronics and medical equipment, automation machinery, OA computer equipment and related products, SMT equipment, laser cutting machine, CNC machinery, machine tools, plastic injection molding machine, automatic robotic arm of automatic welding machine, cutting machine, SMD, discharge machine, PCB drilling machine, automatic component inserter.

    Reactor areas of application:

    With frequency converter. Air conditioning system; Power generation system (wind/hydraulic/solar); All using inverter control equipment is a large motor use collocation. Pumping stations, blower; All remote handling large load are empty.